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Back To School!

The 2020-2021 school year has officially started! Although it may not feel like it since COVID-19 has changed everything about this school year. Even the first day of school pictures taken by proud parents are a little different because the kids could still be in their PJs at home, or they could be wearing a mask while standing in front of the school.

There’s no doubt that every state and school district have their own process of re-entering students, and their parents, into school this year. With these changes, there’s bound to be stress and frustration as everyone tries to navigate school this year.

So, what does this new school year look like? It goes without saying that it will be different, but how different exactly?

What’s The Plan For School This Year?

Previously, the plan for Albuquerque Public Schools was to have a hybrid of online and in-classroom learning beginning on September 8th. The students would’ve started this year with online learning and then gradually progressed to being in the classroom with a rotating schedule. However, on August 20th, the APS school board decided that all students in the district would do 100% online learning for the entire fall semester.

APS has also distributed most, if not all, the appropriate technology and other materials to students to assist with their online education. Here’s the link to the re-entry plan for APS and any potential changes:


What About Rio Rancho Schools?

Let’s talk about Rio Rancho Public Schools. They’re also doing a hybrid type of schedule, or parents can opt for their children to do 100% virtual learning. If parents decide that 100% of virtual education is best for their child, they can stay with that option the entire school year. Additionally, there are specific teachers assigned to teach the 100% virtual courses versus hybrid learning courses.

To help parents navigate this new form of education, they’re offering Parent University, which discusses various topics related to the re-entry plan. These are free virtual classes, and you can still access older videos online.

Just like students in APS, the students in RRPS have received technology to assist with their online education, regardless of their family’s financial situation. The school district strongly discourages students from using their own laptops because if they have any technical issues with it, either the teacher or the IT department can assist with troubleshooting and ensuring that it works properly for the student. Here’s the link to Rio Rancho’s re-entry plan and other items for the school year:


Please be aware, though, that all of this could change for both school districts depending on the spread of COVID-19 and any changes to public health orders.

We’ve Got Your Back!

Parents, the team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling, want to let you know that we’re here for you as you step into your new role as a teacher once again. To quote the movie, The Hunger Games, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

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