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Albuquerque Summer Heat Means More AC Repair Calls

Wow, it has been hot in Albuquerque this summer. We’ve seen temperatures in the 90-degree Fahrenheit range since June. Unfortunately, such lovely warm summer weather comes at a price; air conditioning units and swamp coolers are breaking down at record rates. Luckily, the professional cooling experts at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling are always standing by to help.

Why Exceptionally Hot Weather Threatens The Functionality Of Your HVAC Equipment

Air conditioning companies like us at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling are experiencing record HVAC repair calls this summer. Some companies are even seeing between 400 and 500 service calls every week. Why? Because cooling systems are seeing more use than usual due to the hot weather.

The longer and more often you use an air conditioner or cooling system, you increase the chance of a problem. Like any other machine, HVAC systems are designed to run under specific tolerances, and running your unit for 24 hours a day in 90-degree heat is just too much for the system to handle.

What Can You Do To Prevent HVAC Issues This Summer?

The most common types of AC problems that occur due to hot weather are sudden shutdowns and compressor burnouts. Both can be prevented by limiting the amount of time you use your HVAC equipment. Generally, turn off your AC or swamp cooler whenever you’re out of the house. When you’re at home, only run the AC for a couple of hours and then shut it off. You should also make sure you’re up to date on your HVAC maintenance procedures. If you’re not up to date on your maintenance, then you can always contact our professional technicians, and we’ll come out and help get it sorted for you.

What To Do If Your HVAC System Fails On A Hot Day

If your HVAC system does die on a hot day, then don’t worry. We may be swamped this summer, but we also understand how unbearable the heat can be without your AC system. If your AC fails, then just give us a call. We’ll come out as soon as possible to get your system up and running again. In the meantime, you can keep your living space cool with area fans, keeping your blinds closed during the day, and keeping windows shut until it’s hotter inside than outside.

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