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Air Scrubbers & UV Light For Your Ducts

You’ve washed the floors, dusted the furniture, disinfected the doorknobs and other surfaces. This could be your spring cleaning, your part to stop the spread of coronavirus or both. What about your ducts? Are they clean?

To be honest, many people don’t think about their ducts or how dirty they are. Some people think about the dust and dirt that comes out whenever they turn on their furnace or their cooling units. But there’s something else to consider for the spring and summer months, and that’s the possibility of mold and mildew living in your ducts. I bet you didn’t think that was possible, did you?

There’s a couple of options for helping keep clean ducts if you want to help rid them of allergens and other items that could make you or your family sick. There are air scrubbers, and there’s a UV light. What’s the difference?

All About Air Scrubbers And UV Light Disinfectants

Air scrubbers clean the air of hazardous particles, chemicals, and gases that are left behind by water, mold, chemicals, or fire damage. They pull in contaminated air through HEPA-grade air filters and distribute the clean air through the ducts in a home.

UV lights use a chemical component to reduce allergens and bacteria, as well as kill dry mold spores. These are usually installed in Albuquerque Public Schools, and possibly other schools across the State of New Mexico.

Why Bring This Up Now?

Why are we bringing these up? Currently, we’re consumed with not only our personal health but also the health of our family, friends, and neighbors. It’s uncertain whether air scrubbers or the UV lights will reduce or even kill the novel coronavirus, which has now plagued our communities. But they will help you and your family to breathe easier and healthier.

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