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Who Do You Follow On Social Media?

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Let’s be honest, folks. You’ve probably watched more cable TV or streamed more shows during quarantine than ever before. You’ve probably also watched more videos on Facebook or other social media platforms. What did you watch? Did you find anything fun or interesting other than Tiger King?

I was watching whatever I could on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and then on Peacock. I’ve since gotten a Roku and have been watching shows on there too. But I’ll admit that I love watching cooking videos on Facebook, as well as animal and various funny videos.

Some Of Our Favorite Social Media Content Creators

One of my favorite people to watch online is Marion Grasby. A cookbook author and culinary entrepreneur, she was a contestant on Australia’s Master Chef. She cooks various Asian foods, such as bao buns, chicken chow mein, sticky ribs, and other recipes. Her mom, known as Mama Noi, occasionally guest stars on her show, where she cooks her own recipes. One video of Mama Noi’s that I keep seeing is for fried banana fritters. I would totally try them!

Another person whose videos I love are from Brad Mondo. He’s a hairdresser who critiques other videos of people dying, cutting, and styling their own hair. These videos are called “Hairdresser Reacts.” He points out the mistakes and the items done correctly. When he sees something done slightly off but works out in the end, his reactions are priceless! On top of that, his commentary is hilarious. I wish I could be that witty on any given day!

Standup Comedy Is Always A Great Option

I also follow standup comedians Gabriel Iglesias and Pablo Francisco on social media. I enjoy their videos because, like anyone else, I love a good laugh. You may know Gabriel Iglesias as “Fluffy,” which is a nod to one of his most well-known and popular jokes about the different levels of fat. If you haven’t seen it, pull it up on YouTube, and you’ll be laughing in no time. Pablo Francisco is best known for his joke, where he does the voices and sound effects for a movie trailer about “Little Tortilla Boy.” This is another great joke that will have your sides splitting.

Who do you follow on social media? Any bands or comedians? What about actors or politicians?

The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling has many diverse interests, and we all follow various artists, hobbies, and activities online. We’re trying to get through this time like anyone else, and these can be a pleasant distraction that makes us feel like the world is normal for a minute. And isn’t that something that we’re still looking for? Normalcy?

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