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What To Expect From A Typical Home Service Agreement Contract

Many people today wonder what they stand to gain from a typical home service agreement contract for an HVAC system. While service agreement contracts vary from company to company, high quality contracts that offer comprehensive service typically include twice per year visits that occur usually during the fall and spring. These visits provide comprehensive inspections and checks to ensure that an HVAC system is in the best working condition possible.

Prepare A Heating System

Prior to the winter or summer months arriving, a professional technician will call to set up an appointment for an inspection. Technicians will then visit the home and inspect an HVAC system in its entirety. More specifically, during the fall visit, technicians will prepare a heating system for the cold winter months that are ahead. Part of this process includes shutting down the air-conditioning system or evaporative cooler and draining waterlines as well as pumps and reservoirs. In addition, the installation of a new exterior cover is provided if needed.

Seasonal Dampers May Be Provided When Required

Technicians will also start a furnace to inspect it to make sure that all systems are operating normally. In most instances this includes a 15-point safety inspection as well as a performance tune-up and the changing of a filter as necessary. Even the installation of seasonal dampers may be provided when required. During a second visit of the year, technicians will shut down a homeowner’s furnace and remove any seasonal dampers that were previously installed. Next, technicians will start the air-conditioning system or evaporative cooler and conduct a typical 15-point inspection as well as providing air conditioning tune-up services as required.

Reducing Energy Usage

The service also incorporates a 10-point inspection and tune-up of the evaporative cooler. There is little doubt that a service agreement contract can greatly improve energy efficiency and protect a system from early failure. Saving money on expensive repairs and reducing energy usage can be as simple as having fall and spring visits to ensure that your HVAC system is operating the way that it was intended. Most would agree that spending a little money in advance to protect a heating and cooling system is actually less expensive than costly repairs and total system replacement. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today to learn more about residential service agreement contracts in Albuquerque New Mexico.

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