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What Not to Put in Your Garbage Disposal

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Garbage disposals are useful appliances in any home or business. They can really help with managing food waste and dishes. However, there are several things that, when put in the disposal, will cause damage to the unit or clogs in your drainage system. Let’s explore the types of waste that should never, ever be put down the garbage disposal.

Types of Food to Keep Out of the Disposal

Many people who have garbage disposals in their kitchen sink tend to just put whatever food waste that is left over on the dishes down the disposal. While this is usually safe to do, there are a few types of food that you should avoid putting in your garbage disposal. They include:

  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Tough raw vegetables like carrots or celery
  • Fat or grease left over from cooking
  • Potato peels
  • Rice and pasta
  • Heavy oil-based sauces

Keeping the aforementioned foods and food waste items out of your disposal will go a long way in preventing clogs and damage to the disposal itself. The first 3 items on the list should be avoided to prevent damage to the blades or disposal. The remaining items on the list can cause significant clogs.

Other Things to Keep Out of the Garbage Disposal

In addition to food and food waste, there are other things that shouldn’t be put down the disposal that may wind up in your sink. They include:

  • Napkins or paper towels
  • Ice
  • Paper cups
  • Garbage in general
  • Vomit (while we know this is gross, you’d be surprised how many people go straight to the sink when they need to throw up)

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