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Valentines 2022 Plans

Valentine’s Day. A day of love. A day of candy, roses, cards with heartfelt notes, hugs, kisses and all things lovey dovey. Most couples make plans for how to spend the day, whether it’s a night out on the town or something more lowkey at home.

There’s plenty of things couples can do on this day of hearts and all things romantic. Such as dance classes, beautiful dinners at nice restaurants, or catching a movie at a local theater. Let’s not forget the new favorite post Covid – ordering food to be delivered to the home. Snuggling on the couch together while eating your favorite food and watching a new show or movie together on a streaming platform is pretty awesome too.

Don’t worry single folks. I haven’t forgotten you! As a singleton, I know that we can decide if we want to recognize the day or not. And if we do, are we taking ourselves on a date or just stuffing our faces with chocolate and watching shows on Netflix?

I mean, the sky is the limit for us! We can literally do whatever we want for the lover’s holiday, and we can do it free of guilt!

How Am I Spending The Day?

But in all seriousness, how am I planning on spending the day? I’ll make sure to get some candy for my son, and there’s a good chance that he won’t eat all of it. As for me, I’ll be working during the day because Valentine’s is on Monday, and I have bills to pay. I won’t be the lucky recipient of flowers in the office, because… well, I’m single. Then I’ll go home, probably snack on something sweet and try to watch something either trashy or romantic on Netflix. Just depends on my mood, honestly. And whether or not I can stay awake for all of that fun activity after work.

The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling is looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with our loved ones. Whether it’s going out to dinner with our significant other, bringing a stuffed animal home for our kids or spending the day alone doing whatever we want, we love to do what makes us happy.

From our team to you, we hope you have a great day with your loved ones this Valentine’s!

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