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Tips For Purchasing The Right Size Ceiling Fan For A Large Room

Ceiling fans come in many styles, shapes, and themes which gives homeowners more options than they’ve ever had before. However, some essential considerations should be taken into account when purchasing a ceiling fan. For example, the size of a room and the height of the ceilings can have a big impact on which type of ceiling fan will be best for any particular application.

The Right Ceiling Fans Ensure Adequate Airflow

When purchasing a ceiling fan for a larger room, it is important to consider your air circulation needs. Purchasing a ceiling fan with larger blades is often the best option in this case. A larger blade span will ensure adequate airflow. In most instances, we recommend a fan with a blade span of about 56 inches. In some cases, you may require a ceiling fan with a blade span of up to 72 inches for an expansive large living room or great room.

There Are Many Options When It Comes To Installing A Ceiling Fan

Equally important when choosing a ceiling fan for a large oversized room is to consider the option of installing multiple smaller ceiling fans throughout the space. In many situations, this is often a way to enhance the aesthetic and interior appeal of the room. Whatever the case may be, there are many options when it comes to installing a ceiling fan in a great room or living room environment. Maximizing comfort and improving airflow in oversized rooms is best accomplished with the assistance of the right type of ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Down Rods Come In Many Various Sizes

Equally important is to consider the actual height of the ceilings. Higher ceilings in an oversized room will typically require a ceiling fan be installed with the use of a down rod. A down rod is nothing more than a poll that allows the ceiling fan to extend down from the ceiling and closer to the living space. Best of all, down rods, come in many various sizes providing homeowners with many options in terms of where you can place a ceiling fan. As a rule of thumb, you should install a ceiling fan about 8 feet from the floor.

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