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The Virtue of Water Filters

Although the Albuquerque Water Utility Authority takes great pains to assure that drinking water is safe and readily available for the citizens of Albuquerque, optimizing water quality is far from a top priority. At Albuquerque Plumbing, we offer innovative water filtration solutions to assure that we provide clean, delicious tasting water for your home.

Absorption Filter 101

This is also referred to as a carbon absorption filter. These filters eliminate the excess chlorine typically found in municipal water. Back in the times of the ancients, the Romans used alcohol to clean their drinking water; we exchanged alcohol for chlorine. Chlorine is highly effective at removing impurities, but it leads to an unpleasant taste and smell—typically associated with tap water. An absorption filter will separate chlorine molecules from H20, and as a result you have cold, refreshing drinking water available.

How to Maintain your Filter

The simple answer is to consult a qualified professional like Albuquerque Plumbing. Absorption filters can become clogged, and thus, they may require maintenance or replacement. A broken water filter defeats the purpose of installing a water filter in the first place. If you notice a reduction in your homes water pressure, then it may be the case that your absorption filter is clogged. In the event that this occurs, it is best to consult a professional.

The Deficiencies of Absorption Filters

A standard carbon absorption filter will not protect against every contaminant privy to permeate your drinking water. Some heavy metals such as mercury and lithium have been known to assimilate with water supplys. A reverse-osmosis system provides the highest level of water purification, eliminating all impurities and drastically increasing the quality of your drinking water. Reach out to Albuquerque Plumbing and we can help find the right water filtration system for you.

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