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Supporting the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation

Summer is officially here! The blistering summer sun would have just about everyone looking for something to do to try and beat the heat. Some would say that BBQs are their favorite part of the summer, and some would say that MUDD Volleyball is their favorite part.

What a great time it is too! Getting dirty in the mud pits, playing with friends or coworkers, alcoholic drinks for the adults, and just an all-around good time.

However, thanks to COVID-19, there’s a chance this won’t happen. No getting dirty, no playing with friends or coworkers outdoors, no alcoholic drinks with those friends. But don’t let the pesky coronavirus get you feeling down in the dumps and keep you from helping out an awesome cause!

When Did MUDD Volleyball Start?

MUDD Volleyball was established in 1994, and the proceeds go directly to the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps children with disabilities throughout the state of New Mexico. Some of the assistance they provide is wheelchair ramps, van conversions, and other items not covered by health insurance. The Foundation also supports the work of Carrie Tingley Hospital, the only hospital for children with disabilities in the state.

One of the programs run by the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation is Camp Adventure, which allows children with physical disabilities to participate in arts and crafts and adaptive sports, such as laser tag and cycling around a racetrack.

In addition to the camp, the Foundation has been accepting $5 donations every Friday in the month of May to help families pay their rent/mortgage and their utilities during this unprecedented time. The Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation understands that what matters most is family and that families shouldn’t have to worry about paying their bills while making sure their children are receiving necessary care.

The Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation Is Near And Dear To Us Here At Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling

This foundation is one that’s near and dear to the hearts of the family with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We believe all children should have a happy childhood, and that family comes first. We support our family members, and we consider the families with the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation to be part of our family.

You can visit the website for the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation to see how you can help support fellow New Mexican families during this pandemic: www.carrietingleyhospitalfoundation.org.

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