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Summer Showdown: Swamp Cooler vs Central A/C

We’ve talked about both of these individually before. But now we’re weighing the pros and cons of each one against the other in our Summer Showdown: Swamps Cooler vs Central A/C.

Here in the desert climate of Albuquerque, keeping cool is always a priority. We’re lucky that our dry environment allows us to have a choice when it comes to cooling our homes. So whether you’re building a new home, due for an upgrade on your existing system, or have just always been curious here is the Summer Showdown: Swamp Cooler vs Central A/C.


We understand that this category is probably the most important. We all want to be cool and comfortable, but household budgets only go so far. The initial cost and the operating cost is more for a central a/c system. So if you’re sole decision factor is cost, this first category is an easy one. Winner: swamp cooler


The swamp cooler can require attention on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis; whereas central a/c should only require a yearly maintenance check (assuming it runs normally and does not require major repairs). Winner: central a/c


Central a/c uses chemicals to function properly. And while newer models definitely have a lower impact on the environment, they still aren’t as eco-friendly as swamp coolers. However, swamp coolers do require a constant water source. Since it’s our most precious resource, that may not sit well with some people. Winner: It’s a toss up depending on what matters more to you.


Historically this would easily go to central a/c but the newer swamp coolers are quite user friendly. However, even models that are just a few years old may not have a thermostat and only allow for 3 or 4 settings. Winner: central a/c


For the most part, swamp coolers can keep a home comfortable in the summer. But, if the humidity climbs even a little (which happens during the later summer), swamp coolers just can’t cut it. For continuous, overall comfort there is one clear option. Winner: central a/c

So it appears to be a bit of a toss up. Everyone has their own level of comfort and will need to weigh all the options. Either way you go, Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling is here to help with maintenance, repairs, and installation. And we hope our Summer Showdown: Swamp Cooler vs Central A/C was helpful.

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