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Staying Warm in Winter

We already warned you, winter is coming. In fact, it is kind of already here. Temperatures are dropping and it is starting to get very cold. For most households, this means it is time to crank up the thermostat and let the heater to work. This can be expensive! Prolonged use of the heater will send that energy bill way way up. Why not try using some alternative heating methods which will cost you little to nothing!

Bundling Up

Staying warm in winter is all about layering. You are going to want to bundle up as much as possible. Start with some long underwear, and pants, add a shirt, a jacket, another jacket, a blanket, and maybe even a heavy winter coat. We can guarantee you won’t be feeling the cold underneath all of that! You also might not be fully recognizable as person, more like a walking wardrobe explosion, but that is okay, at least you will be warm!

The Power of Hot Water

This one is going to cost you pennies on the dollar compared to using your furnace. Get some hot water. You can use the tap, or even heat it over the stove. Pour it into a couple of tightly sealed water bottled. When you go to bed, bring these bottles under the covers. They will give off a ton of heat which will be trapped under the blankets with you. You might even end up being a little too toasty using this technique.

Make Friends

Well, hopefully you already have a few friends. Never underestimate the power of body heat. If you invite a couple of your friends over dinner or another activity, your home will starting heating up almost right away. If you can get them involved in a vigorous activity, say charades, even better. In a well-insulated home, their body heat could stick around for a very long time. Just don’t tell them you are simply using them to stay warm. More sensitive friends may get offended.

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