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Solar Water Heater, Save Money and Hot-Tub

Albuquerque Plumbing provides cooling and heating solutions to the greater NM area. Solar Water Heaters have recently gained wide spread recognition, and are becoming increasingly popular in NM. Maybe this is due to the abundance of sun we enjoy during the summer months? Regardless, Solar Water Heaters are an innovative solution to heating that can reduce your monthly bill and conserve energy.

How it Functions

A storage tank is mounted, horizontally, above the solar panels on the roof. There is no need for a pump due to thermosiphon flow, which causes hot water to naturally rise into the tank. Solar Water heating technology actually heats water faster than traditional water heaters, and thus, cold showers are few and far in between—which is not the case with gas heating.

Why Should I Install this?

Simply put, a solar water heater reduces your global footprint and saves money: you are going green in two different ways. At Albuquerque plumbing our average customer tends to save around $500 annually, which does not even involve tax credits or rebates. The purchase of a solar water panel could save you thousands in the long run. Moreover, solar panels are the waves of the future. Solar energy is efficient and safe, and customers usually report a sense of pride, knowing they are doing their part for the environment.

Hot Tub Heat Generation

Everyone in NM agrees that the pool is for the summer and the hot tub for the winter. With the abundance of sun in NM, you can heat your pool or hot tub for a ridiculously low price, all year round. In fact, a solar water heater warms the pool/tub much faster than its gas or electric counterpart. This is essential, because a hot tub sesh can be a whimsical decision.

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