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Safety Tips For Handling Cords And Extension Cords

Cords and extension cords play an important part in keeping appliances, tools and other types of equipment operating normally. However, there are some important safety tips that should be considered in order to keep homeowners safe when working with a wide variety of cords. For example, it is important to only use extension cords and other types of electrical cords for their exact and intended purpose.

Original Intended Purpose

An extension cord should never be used as a jump rope for children, a leash for pets or even a clothing line. This is a sure way to create injury or cause some other type of hazard. Play it safe and only use electrical cords for their original intended purpose. Equally important is to avoid stapling or nailing an extension cord or power cord in to the wall or to some other type of fixed item. Tape is a far better option when choosing to secure a cord. In addition, twist ties are often used to tie back chords in a safe and efficient way.

Electrical Hazard

When plugging in a cord of any type it is essential to ensure that the cord is plugged in firmly. A loose cord or cord that is partially plugged in can cause electrical hazards. If a cord is not seated well into a particular outlet, simply choose a different outlet. In addition, regularly checking power cords for frays, kinks or other signs of wear or damage is a great way to reduce the chances of an unexpected electrical fire. When using an electrical extension cord it is important to know that an extension cord is intended for temporary use.

Highest Levels Of Safety

In other words, an extension cord should not be used as a long-term solution to an electrical problem. With regard to extensions cords it is also critical to make certain that the right chord is being used. An extension cord should be of the proper weight or gauge, the right length and of the right type to ensure the greatest level of safety. Some extension cords are made particularly for indoor use while others are made for outdoor use. Know in advance which type of cord you have to ensure the highest levels of safety for all involved. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for Albuquerque electrical services that are affordable and reliable.

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