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Promoting Awareness of Winter Fire Risks

Each and every year, thousands of homes are damaged in winter fires. In fact, well over 50 percent of home fires occur during the months of December, January, and February. It is true, when you are bundling up, trying to stay warm and cozy through the cold winter months, you are the most at risk for experiencing a fire.

Cranking up the Heat

The home heating unit is one of the leading causes of domestic winter fires. 1 in every 5 home fire deaths has been directly attributed to heating equipment. Before you turn on the furnace or the central heating unit this season, you should schedule an inspection from a HVAC professional. They will perform a standard tune-up and replace any parts that may have become worn or broken down.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the fire place. Your chimney needs to be cleaned once a year. Over time, soot and carbon build up inside the chimney. These are highly flammable substances. Removing them is an important element of home maintenance and safety.

We also recommend to perform an inspection of any heat-producing appliances such as space heaters. If they have frayed or worn wiring, either have them repaired or replaced.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives 

Even if you follow every safety precaution, accidents still happen. Home fires can occur.  Smoke Detectors are the best way to keep your family safe. You should have at least one installed on every level of your home, although more are recommended. You should test your smoke detectors on a monthly basis. Always keep extra batteries on hand. Create an evacuation plan with your family and practice it. Don’t be afraid to set a smoke detector off during your practice, you want to simulate a real situation as closely as possible so that your family wont experience panic in the event of a real disaster.

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