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Professional Tips For Ceiling Fan Installation And Maintenance

Ceiling Mounted Fan

Maintaining and caring for a ceiling fan and ensuring that proper installation is performed is one of the best ways to enhance the overall living environment in any home or business. This is simply due to the fact that ceiling fans have become one of the most popular options for those looking to reduce energy bills and improve overall interior appeal. Taking the time to understand the basics with regard to ceiling fan care and maintenance is well worth the effort.

Special Types Of Mounting Brackets

For example, when preparing to mount a ceiling fan it is essential to anchor the assembly to an actual ceiling fan joist if possible. If this is not possible because a joist is not conveniently located where the ceiling fan will be installed then it is recommended that a fan-mounting bracket be used. These special types of mounting brackets have obvious spikes that can be used for installation between joists. As a note of caution, homeowners should remember that ceiling fans can be heavy and that injury can occur when installing.

Consult With A Professional

In addition, homeowners choosing to install a ceiling fan on their own must ensure that the appropriate UL listed type of metal box is available where the installation will be performed. In many instances, this type of box will actually be labeled that it is suitable for use with ceiling fan installation. Installing a ceiling fan using the wrong type of electrical connections or electrical outlet can spell disaster and can easily result in an electrical type fire. Homeowners that are unsure of the details with regard to installing a ceiling fan should consult with a professional electrician.

Additional Cooling During The Summer

With regard to normal usage, ceiling fans should always be turned-off when no one is present in the room. This will save energy and extend the useful life of the ceiling fan itself. As an added note, homeowners should remember that a ceiling fan is useful anytime of the year. When using a ceiling fan in a counterclockwise direction the end result is additional cooling during the summer. When reversing the motor during the winter, the end result is warmer air circulated throughout the room in such a way that less heating is required. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for Albuquerque electrical contractor services.

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