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PNM Helps You Make Your Home or Business More Energy-Efficient

PNM has developed all kinds of programs for saving energy and making electricity use more efficient and less expensive, of which the “energy checkups” is just one. Here are some others that could be just the thing for your home or business.

1. Refrigerator Recycling. If you have an ancient model that groans and produces tons of ice in your freezer, recycle it for a new, more efficient machine and get a $50 payment.

2. Think! Energy PNM Home Works. This program is intended to teach fifth graders in public schools the importance of saving energy, protecting natural resources and being environmentally conscious. Each student is provided with a kit that allows them to do home energy surveys; it contains easy-to-install items like a low-flow showerhead, faucet aerators, compact fluorescent bulbs and a night light. A guide for families helps with installation and teaches ways to reduce energy waste.

3. Air Conditioning Rebate Program. This reduces costs if customers purchase certain energy-efficient cooling equipment. Both common means of cooling in New Mexico, evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning, have technologies that qualify for rebates.

4. PNM Pool Pump Rebate Program. This will pay customers $300 if they purchase an Energy Star®-qualified variable-speed pool pump. This type is programmable; it matches pump speed with pool operation and can save as much as $400 over a summer.

5. PNM Home Lighting Program. Discounts are offered on LED and CFL bulbs at participating retailers or online.

6. PNM offers payments to customers who allow PNM to shut down cooling and lighting in their buildings temporarily at certain times of the year.

7. PNM offers construction and retrofit rebates for commercial customers and consulting services on operational improvements for building owners and managers.

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