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Pack Rat Day

Confession time: I’m a pack rat. I refuse to call myself a hoarder, but I do save a lot of items that I don’t use or even look at. I always have.

Why do I hold onto items that I don’t look at, or even really think about? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s because while I applaud those who can live a minimalist lifestyle, I feel that it makes a house look empty. Or maybe it’s because I change my mind every so often on how I want to decorate my house, and I don’t part with the unnecessary décor items for a while.

Whenever I think of my pack rat behavior, I think of Marie Kondo and her methods of getting rid of unnecessary or unwanted things from the home. There are five steps towards getting rid of the clutter in a home, including only keeping things that “spark joy in the heart.” I don’t want to break any hearts here, but that particular step doesn’t work on me. Why not? It’s not that I have an emotional attachment to everything I own. It’s more of a feeling that I’m going to need it one day. Then, inevitably, that one day never comes and I’m finally able to let go of stuff. It’s a weird cycle, I know.

My desk at the office is no exception to my pack rat behavior either. The drawers were full of stuff that I no longer needed, and the top of my desk had so many things on it that I felt claustrophobic on my busier days. I felt like I was suffocating in papers, packages and other things just to do my job. I got to a point where I had to change that and find a way to clear off my desk, which I did. Then, as quickly as I cleared it off, my desk began to accumulate more stuff for work, such as shirts, swag and magazines. In short, my desk is a work in progress.

May 17th is Pack Rat Day, and it’s a day to celebrate being a pack rat and not getting rid of your stuff in your home. You heard me – don’t clean your room, your garage or anything else for the day! Admire your hoard and don’t throw anything away. You never know if you might need something, right?

I’m certain my house and my desk will be the same cluttered mess on Pack Rat Day. I mean, old habits die hard, right?

What Are We Doing For Pack Rat Day?

As for my fellow team members with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling, there are some who aren’t apparent pack rats, and then there’s others like me. Perhaps the ones with a clean and spotless desk, or even a tidy work vehicle, could show us pack rats a thing or two about uncluttering. It would be nice to have an orderly home and workspace…after we covet our treasure trove of items first. Then we’ll get down to organizing – maybe.

And, if Albuquerque AC repair and related services are part of your pack rat todo list, then don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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