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Outdoor Sprinkler Systems Need Regular Checkups


If you are lucky enough to have a built-in lawn and garden sprinkler systems, you also know that keeping it working correctly during the hot summer months is essential.

You don’t want to end up standing out there in the hot sun with a hose! Even if you are already using it because of the dry spring, here are some tips for regular maintenance:

1. As a first step, plugin and turn on the system, then adjust the control panel. Run each zone on a short cycle so that you can visually inspect it.

2. During the spring, grass may have grown over your sprinkler heads, so make sure each one is free.

3. Identify any broken, clogged or misaligned heads, broken pipes or low water pressure. Clean out the clogged heads; reposition any heads that are misaligned, and replace or repair any broken pipes.

4. Low pressure in your sprinkler system means inadequate water; high pressure can damage sprinkler heads. Pressure problems are best dealt with by a professional outfit like Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We have the specialized tools to determine actual water pressure and make repairs and replacements as needed.

5. Likewise with backflow prevention assemblies, which prevent water that is used on your lawn from flowing back into the household water supply. If you think you have such a situation, contact your professional. Remember, when it comes to in-ground sprinkler systems, Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling is always the company to call!

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