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National Take a Hike Day

Get outside on National Take a Hike Day!

Studies have shown that being out in nature is good for the mind and the body. And we all know the health benefits of regular exercise. So with Take a Hike Day coming up on November 17th there will be the perfect opportunity to combine both of these things!

Hiking is an excellent type of physical activity because it:

  • Is easily tailored to different ability levels (hikes range from easy to difficult, long to short)
  • Requires minimal equipment (sturdy shoes and a water bottle are usually enough)
  • Is typically free
  • Gets you outside in the fresh air (which has been shown to have its own health benefits)
  • Can burn 400-500 calories in just one hour
  • Is great for the whole family

We here at Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling feel fortunate that our immediate area offers a multitude of hiking options. To our east, lie the beautiful Sandia Mountains. With 60 different pathways spanning over 150 miles there’s sure to be a trail suitable for nearly everyone. To our west is the deeply historic Petroglyph National Park, an excellent place to get in a hike as well as discover some things about the ancient peoples that used to inhabit these lands. Whichever trail you choose we want to remind you to always follow the safety guidelines of the American Hiking Association.

If you can’t make it out for a hike on November 17th, don’t worry – ANY day can be Take a Hike Day! The combined benefits of physical activity and being in the fresh air make hiking a great activity to pursue whenever your schedule allows. What a terrific “excuse” to get out and enjoy nature, spend time with family/friends, and improve your health all at the same time.

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