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Mold and Mildew – Keeping them Out of Your Home (2)

If you are fighting mold/mildew in your home, here are some ways to keep household rooms and objects clear and fungus-free:

1. Keep the air well ventilated; an exhaust fan would be helpful here.
2. After baths and showers, spread towels well so that they dry quickly.
3. Don’t put too many containers into the shower stall or bathtub.
4. Wipe down the shower with a clean tower or squeegee after each use.
5. Select shower curtains that dry and clean easily; soap residue is a good host for mold.

To remove mold and mildew from household items:
1 . Mildewed shower curtain: wash with 1 gal. liquid disinfectant to 1 gal. water. Rinse with 1 cup lemon juice and salt to 1 gal. hot water.
2. Fabric: Wash in Chlorine bleach and hot water. If the fabric will not take that, rinse in oxygen bleach and hot water. Dry in the sun if possible.
3. Upholstery: Vacuum first; afterwards replace the bag or take the canister outside to clean. Mix 1 C. ammonia with 1 C. cool water; sponge with a clean white cloth, then blot until all liquid is absorbed. Repeat till stain is gone. Remove ammonia solution by sponging with hot water and blot. Dry thoroughly with fan or dryer set on cool.
4. Carpets: Mix 1 Tbsp. liquid laundry soap with 2 C. cold water, apply suds to stained area by sponging with damp cloth. Repeat till stain is gone. Dry completely.
5. Wooden furniture: Vacuum with soft brush to remove loose spores. Throw bag away. Wipe off stains lightly Rise with damp cloth, dry and polish.

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