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Mercury Tests – What are they and what they mean for your home?

The joys of being a homeowner never cease to be a learning experience. The reality of bills, the general maintenance of the home, and the costs of certain repairs, whether you do them yourself or if you call in a professional.

Something that most homeowners never think of is what to do when not only there’s a gas leak, but the gas meter is also taken from the property. Yes, this really happens. Gas leaks don’t just pertain to a furnace, water heater, or a stove. They can actually occur anywhere in the gas line of your home. If the meter is removed from the property by the gas company, it’s mandatory to have a mercury test performed.

What Is A Mercury Test?

What IS a mercury test? In a nutshell, it’s a pressurized gas test to see if your gas line is holding the right amount of pressure. If it’s not holding the pressure, then you have a leak. This test will also show the technician where the leak is. Once the leak is found, a plumber or technician will determine the best way to repair it. How long it will take to perform the repairs and the full extent of those repairs depends on the leak itself.

Why is it called a mercury test? Years ago, the tests used to be performed using mercury. That’s right – the stuff in outdoor thermometers that you’ve been warned about and told not to touch since you were a kid.

Something you should know right now…this is not an overnight process. From the first day, you call and choose a company for the completion of the work, and the meter being put back on the property can take about two weeks. You read that correctly…two weeks. And just as the gas company is the one to remove the gas meter, they are the only ones who can put it back. No plumber can do that after the repairs are performed.

Many people have a belief that mercury tests are only necessary for homes that have been vacant for a long time. The reality is that this can happen to any home at any time.

This can also be a huge inconvenience for you if you’re living in the home. How? Without gas running to your home, there’s no heat coming from your furnace, and there’s no hot water coming from your water heater, provided that they both run on gas.

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