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Learning about NATE Certification

When your HVAC unit breaks down you need repairs fast. You may be tempted to hop on the internet and call up the first technician you find. This could be a mistake! HVAC maintenance and repair is no simple task. Mistakes could leave you wallowing in discomfort and even end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. Next time you are looking for an HVAC technician, consider contacting one who is NATE certified. Today we will discuss the NATE certification, which is the highest level of certification available to HVAC technicians in the United States.

History of NATE

NATE, or North American Technician Excellence, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration technicians. It was founded in 1997 by a group of experienced and dedicated industry leaders. Since then, the organization has partnered with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

About the Certification

The NATE certification test has been developed by a committee of industry experts from across the country. It focuses on real world working knowledge of HVAC systems. Technicians who pass the NATE certification test not only have to have a theoretical understanding of how HVAC units work, they have to be able to apply that knowledge. Certified NATE technicians can specialize in areas such as oil heating, gas heating, commercial refrigeration, hydronics, air conditioning/distribution, and much more.

Hiring a NATE Certified Technician

So, now you may be wondering, now that I know NATE certified technicians are the best, how do I go about hiring one? The NATE organization itself does not actually employ or supervise any technicians. Rather, you have to look to companies like Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Great home service companies will make sure they employ a preponderance of NATE certified HVAC technicians. Next time you need HVAC maintenance, don’t settle for anything but the best, don’t settle for anyone who isn’t NATE certified.

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