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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

As the single parent of a toddler, safety is one of my primary concerns with my child. One of my biggest fears has been someone kidnapping my son in plain sight, and I’m not able to catch up and save him. This could be due to shows I grew up with, such as “Unsolved Mysteries” or “America’s Most Wanted.” Perhaps it’s something every parent worries about.

My fear of my son being kidnapped is just one of the many concerns out there. But there are other things that I never considered until recently. My son plays games on his iPad that I’ve approved and are very safe. But what do I do when he’s older or when he’s a teenager and discovers new apps that are games or some new type of social media? How am I going to protect him from online predators via those apps?

Thankfully, I don’t have to wait until he’s older to protect him from real-life monsters. New apps are coming out every day to shield our kids from foul language to graphic sexual content.

Check Out SaferKid

One app out there is SaferKid, which helps to safeguard children from strangers. The app automatically blocks adult websites and monitors phones and tablets to ensure that kids aren’t downloading any unsafe apps. However, if one is found, SaferKid will alert the parents with a detailed report and even ways to talk to the child about it, tailored to their age.

This awesome app also helps to detect other apps that have ways of secretly meeting strangers, prevent children from seeing age-inappropriate violence and detects apps with sexting and bullying risks.

SaferKid alerts parents if their child downloads any high-risk mobile apps, and they can see the risk levels of each app, whether it’s low, high, or no risk.

It’s not all scary and serious. A few other perks of this app are setting a bedtime and wake up time for any 3rd party apps, and parents can enable and disable apps for a specific period.

How Much Does This Safety And Peace Of Mind Cost

$199.99 for a year, and it covers all the children in the family for the entire year for that price. There aren’t any contracts, and you can cancel any time before the next renewal. However, if you’re a family on a tight budget, and you want your kids to be safe, reach out to the people with SaferKid. They can help you afford this kind of protection, and they will also need to verify your financial situation. The team with SaferKid feels that price should not be why a child is at risk of sexual assault or other online dangers.

If you’re able to afford this not only for your family but for others, you can sponsor a child or a family in need. You’ll need to reach out to the people of SaferKid and provide their information, and the children in that household are one step closer to online safety.

Check out Their Website

If you want to learn more about this app, go to their website at https://www.saferkid.com/. The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling has parents that use this app, and they stand behind it full-heartedly. They trust it to protect their children against the harmful apps that are out there, and we want to help protect your children too.

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