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Hurricane Laura Relief – How You Can Help

2020 has been one heck of a year, am I right? Bush fires in Australia kicked off the year, then came COVID-19, then the “murder hornets,” and most recently, two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time. This has never happened before, which is just adding to the unprecedented times we live in.

Although Hurricane Marco quickly weakened along the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Laura became the first major hurricane of 2020 and one of the most powerful in U.S. history. States are working towards recovery, and residents are beginning to pick up the pieces of their lives and to figure out their next move.

Even though we don’t live anywhere near a coast, there’s still plenty of ways that Burqueños can help those affected by the hurricane. Here’s what you can do to offer support and help the victims of Hurricane Laura.

Donate Blood And Food

One of the first things people do in a crisis would be to donate blood, plasma, or platelets. These blood donations help those who are sick or injured and helps to replenish the supply. You can call or visit the United Blood Services to find out more about what blood types are needed and if you’re an eligible candidate to donate.

Hunger can strike anyone and any family at any time. Providing food to those in need is a wonderful way to give back. You can contact your local food pantry or food drive to see if they are accepting donations to be sent to those in need in the areas where the hurricane struck.

Volunteer Your Time And Donate Money

If you’re able and willing to travel, you can volunteer your time and aide others in their time of need. Lending a helping hand isn’t limited to one thing or another, and you can reach out to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army to learn more about how you can help after a natural disaster.

Finally, possibly the most obvious way that anyone can give back during a disastrous event, such as a hurricane, would be to donate money. The financial assistance goes towards supplies and other necessary items, such as diapers, bottled water, etc.

The people in the path of the hurricane may not be from the Land of Enchantment, but everyone can help and support each other. Especially this year, given the hand we’ve been dealt. It takes nothing to be kind towards your fellow man. The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling is proud to help our community, no matter if they’re here or outside state lines.

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