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Hearing the Health of Your Pipes

Plumbing is a very subtle art that engages all the senses. For instance, a plumber’s number one weapon against pipe dysfunction is listening. Below are a few helpful tips for assessing the health of your plumbing system. Whistling Pipes When turning on the faucet to dispense water, the sound of a whistle is a clear indication that your water pressure is too low. In order to fix low water pressure, it is highly advisable that you turn your water pressure regulator down. Indeed, a whistle could indicate that debris is lodged in your pipes. In order to solve this issue, one ought to turn off their shut off valve, run the faucet, and drain the reaming water. The Infamous Hiss This sound essentially indicates the polar opposite of a whistle. Indeed, it indicates that your water pressure is running too high. In order to solve the issue, try installing a water pressure regulator. This will help decrease the pressure and ensure your faucet is running efficiently. Another sign of high water pressure is indicated by a thud in your faucet. A water pressure can also solve this issue, alongside installing air chamber shock absorbers. Drip, Drip, Drip Dripping is never a good sign. When it comes to your pipes it is the worst of signs. Indeed, a dripping faucet can fill up the size of Shamoo’s tank in a year’s time. One should attempt to remedy this use by installing a new faucet. If you are a do it yourself type, then you should be able to handle this issue no problem. If not, reach out to us at Albuquerque plumbing to solve this issue.

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