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Get Smart About Your Heart


February is National Heart Month, and it’s the perfect time to Get Smart About Your Heart

There’s no nice way to say this; Heart Disease is the Number One cause of death in the world. It knows no boundaries, gender, or ethnicity. That is a daunting thought, but during the month of February the focus is on prevention. And the best way to prevent Heart Disease is to get healthier. Even little changes toward a more healthful life will go a long way. Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling wants to help you Get Smart About Your Heart!

Start Small

The first step is always the hardest. That’s why it’s very important to begin with small goals. Remember the overall objective, but focus on the little, day-to-day changes.

Stop Smoking

This is a must! If you’ve tried before and it didn’t work, try again and again. At the very least cut back.

Eat Healthy

There is a lot of nutrition information out there. It can definitely get confusing. Keep it simple with these tips:

  • Cut back on sugar ~ it’s in everything
  • Eat More Vegetables ~ try to include them at every meal and eat all colors
  • Get protein from beans and fish ~ you’ll also get fiber and healthy fats
  • Limit processed and packaged foods ~ these are almost always not healthy

Get Moving

Start with a 15 minute walk, 3 times per week. If that’s too much, start with 10 minutes. It doesn’t have to be an hour at the gym. The most important thing here is to get moving more.

See the Doc

Even if you have no symptoms an annual visit with your doctor is a good idea.

Zen Out

There is a strong link between Heart Disease and high stress levels. Find a way to decrease stress that works for you.

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