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Essentials For Dealing With Tripped Circuit Breakers In Your Home

Essentials For Dealing With Tripped Circuit Breakers In Your Home

Every homeowner has experienced at one time or another a circuit breaker tripping that then results in outlets in an entire room or section of a home being without power. Typically speaking, one of the easiest ways to fix this problem is to simply reset the circuit breaker. However, there are many cases where the main circuit breaker is not the culprit. This is because there are often other subpanel circuit breakers located throughout your home.

The Subpanel Breaker Box

There is also the possibility that a ground fault interrupt or GFI receptacle has tripped somewhere in your home. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that getting to the root of the problem is essential to restoring electrical power to your home. In some cases it may be a breaker subpanel where the problem can be found. This particular component of a home’s electrical system can be located in the basement, garage or even in utility rooms or closets. If the electrical fault is not in the main circuit breaker panel box and the subpanel breaker box then the only remaining options are the GFI or a breaker on an actual component.

Find The Right Breaker

Ground fault interrupters or GFI’s are typically found in bathrooms where water is present. They offer a backup circuit breaker as a way to make electrical outlets and bathrooms safer for homeowners. Other types of circuit breakers are those found on garbage disposals, water heaters and a variety of other household appliances. Take the time to find the right breaker in order to restore electrical power within your home. If no circuit breakers have tripped it may be time to call an electrical contractor. Contacting a professional is sometimes the best option.

Follow All Safety Precautions

One final tip regarding circuit breakers is that even though a breaker has not physically tripped it may still indeed be tripped internally. To effectively reset a circuit breaker even if it is not visually tripped, homeowners should turn the breaker off and then back on. Sometimes a breaker will be warm to the touch, this is another indication that a breaker has tripped or is not functioning correctly. Follow all safety precautions when dealing with electrical wiring and circuit breakers. As stated, if you are not sure simply contact an electrical contractor such as Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Quality Albuquerque electrical services are just a call away.

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