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Electrical Safety Concerns With Regard To Outdoor Hazards

Electricity is an important and essential resource that virtually everyone today requires. However, electricity can be dangerous and sometimes life threatening. That is why it is so incredibly important to take all precautions with regard to being around electricity outdoors. For example, individuals should never come in contact in any way with power lines. This is especially true with regard to power lines that have been downed by a storm. Call the electrical company immediately and avoid electrical power lines at all costs.

Close Proximity To Power Lines

In addition, children should be taught to never fly airplanes, kites or balloons near a power line. Children should also be instructed to avoid climbing trees that are in close proximity to power lines. Equally important for adults is to avoid climbing on a ladder that may fall or come into contact with power lines in some way. The danger associated with power lines cannot be underestimated that is why it’s so important to take these safety tips seriously.

Potential Downed Power Lines

Homeowners should also be alert and cautious when severe storms have been encountered in the area. Storms are typically known to break power lines. Being on the lookout for potential broken or downed power lines can reduce the chances of injury or loss of life accidents. Those that live near an electrical substation should also make the effort to teach children to avoid these potentially hazardous areas at all times. Children should be instructed to never climb or play around an electrical substation. If a child loses a ball or toy inside the perimeter of an electrical substation they should be taught to call for help.

A Serious Electrical Incident

Finally, homeowners should make every effort to keep electrical appliances and electrical tools dry and out of the rain. Electrical equipment should never be placed on a wet surface or near a pool or water fountain. As an added note, those that have a home pool should ensure that radios, televisions and other electronic devices are never plugged in and located close to a pool. It is entirely too easy for a child to knock a radio or TV into the pool and cause a serious electrical incident. Contact Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling today to learn more about high quality Albuquerque plumbing services, electrical services and HVAC services that are affordable and effective.

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