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Easter Traditions

Spring is here, and Easter is on its way. It’s the time to dye eggs, buy chocolate rabbits, and prepare baskets for the kids.

When I was much younger, the tradition in our family was to go downstairs and dive into the baskets left for us by the Easter bunny (aka mom and dad). We’d devour the candy and play with the toys that we received in the baskets. We’d then dress up (I did, anyways) and head to a relative’s house for egg hunting and maybe dinner.

Then as a teen, I remember my mom would lay out candy on the kitchen counter, laugh, and say, “There’s your Easter basket this year.” My brothers and I would smile and chuckle and then do our usual dive into the candy.

Easter As An Adult And Parent

Now, as an adult, Easter looks different. My mom doesn’t generally give candy to my brothers and I, but she usually has candy around for my son and my nieces. The entire family gathers at my parents’ house for Easter dinner, typically ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, deviled eggs, olives, hot bread, and other crudité for snacking.

As a parent, I try to recreate what I had as a child for my son. I put together a basket for him with candy and toys. Then, I dress my son in either a suit or a cute shirt and pants, and we head to my parents’ house for dinner. Easter is another day for our family to be together, like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What kinds of traditions do you and your family have on Easter? Do you go to church, then have an egg hunt and a great meal? Or are you more like my family? What kind of fun activities or traditions do you enjoy?

How Are We Celebrating This Year?

The team with Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling will be celebrating with their families in a variety of ways, and we’re sure their kiddos will be excited to eat as much candy as they can stomach. Whether it’s chocolate, Peeps, or some other confectionary treat, we know the kids will enjoy the day and give their parents reason to tell them to run it off outside. Make sure to give yourself a basket with some goodies and have fun with your family this Easter!

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