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Disposing of Silly Plumbing Myths: Part 2

Here at Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we take pride in doing things the right way. We truly believe that excellent workmanship speaks for itself. Word of a job well-done spread quickly and we always do the best job possible. One of the reasons for our success is that we have disposed of every dangerous, silly, or incorrect, plumbing myth we have ever heard. Our plumbing professionals are highly skilled and incredibly knowledgeable. Today, we are hoping to share a little of the knowledge with you! Let’s continue disposing of silly plumbing myths.

A plunger is all you need

Frankly, this is a myth that we wish was true! It would save us from having to carry around these heavy tool belts everywhere we go. The fact is, we need all of these tools. They each serve a unique purpose and help is fix a wide range of problems. Plungers are great for busting minor clogs. We would like to caution you against using one plunger for every type of clog. Cross contamination is a big risk. Never use a plunger that has been in the toilet to bust a clog in the kitchen sink. That is a sure way to get sick. Follow our advice and use a separate tool for kitchen plumbing problems.

Hand soap is a miracle cleaner

Hand soap is miraculously effective at cleaning your hands, but it should not be used for anything else, especially cleaning plumbing fixtures. If your fixtures are made out of a material such as brass, they could be damage or tarnished by hand soap. It is preferable to use a mild cleaner such as water and baking soda. Additionally, hand soap can create a greasy buildup which could cause clogs or obstructions in pipes.

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