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Cinematic Entertainment In The Age Of COVID-19

I have a confession to make… I love watching movie trailers before movies start, whether it’s at home or in the theater. The way a teaser is put together to entice you to return to the theater in at least three months’ time, returning and spending too much money on popcorn and soda to watch the movie when it’s released, and then offering the gratuitous commentary of either, “That looks good,” or “I don’t think I’d see that one.”

Whether or not you like trailers, there’s something to be said for the theater experience. As I’m writing this, nostalgia takes me back to walking into a theater and being pelted with the intoxicating smell of popcorn drenched in butter and feeling the sticky dried (or drying) soda on the floor. I can even hear the sound when the shoe peels off the floor.

Thankfully for us movie buffs, we still have cinematic entertainment trickling in while the theaters try to figure out how to reopen safely. We can stay home, pay a small price (usually no more than $5) and watch a movie of our choice in the comfort of our pj’s while lounging on the couch or in bed. You can even save some serious coin and make your microwave popcorn and even pour yourself a drink that isn’t for anyone under 21. That sounds pretty good.

Worried About Missing Out On the Theater Experience At Home?

But here’s the thing… it’s called the theater experience for a reason. It’s the thrill of picking a movie you’ve never seen, driving to the theater, standing in line at the box office for a ticket, then standing in line for snacks, finding the theater, and choosing your seat. I’m personally all about the front row, so I don’t have anyone’s big head in my way. Not everyone finds this ritual to be appealing, and that’s okay.

The fact that drive-in movies are making a comeback couldn’t be more exciting for the movie industry and for anyone who’s dying to get out of the house. Have you ever been to a drive-in? I went to one as a youngster in a different state, and it’s still a fond memory for me. Parking in the car and adjusting the radio to a station that was playing the audio for the movie was so amazing for my adolescent mind.

Where does this walk down Memory Lane lead to? After some careful planning by the City of Albuquerque in this age of COVID, drive-in movies are coming back! There are at least three locations so far for movies on the weekend, including Isleta Amphitheater, O’Niell’s Pub in Nob Hill, and the Balloon Fiesta Park. Rumor has it that various Walmart locations will be hosting drive-in movies too.

What About Snacks And Concessions?

Are you worried about food? You can take your own, or you can order from food trucks at the venues. How can you find out what movies are playing where? Facebook is a great go-to to find all the movies of your youth that your kiddos might enjoy (no new releases at the drive-in). You’ll also want to see if there’s a fee to park, and what the rules are for social distancing while you’re enjoying the show.

Whatever movie you decide to see, the team at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling encourages you to remember to wear your face mask and practice safe social distancing if you leave the comfort of your car. But most importantly, make sure to have fun with your family and friends!

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