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Business Women’s Day

“A woman has the potential to play many roles and business woman is just another role she plays.” – Unknown.

I love everything about that quote. It shows how much women juggle in their everyday lives, and all while saying it in a few words. It’s true that women play many roles, such as wife/girlfriend/partner, daughter, mother, friend, coworker, teacher, nurse, chef and many more. Then add businesswoman to it…dang. That’s a lot of hats for a lot of women to wear.

This Thursday is Business Women’s Day. This day recognizes the contributions women have made to the workforce and celebrates their accomplishments. Not only does this include employees and team members at various businesses across the nation, but it also applies to female business owners.

The day was a longtime coming. In the late 1940s, Shirley Cupp, Irma Beisel, Frances Stuckey and Mr. Hilary Bufton Jr. founded the American Business Women’s Association with the purpose of advocating for women’s rights in the workplace. They then sponsored the first American Business Women’s Day in 1982.

Women Becoming Leaders In Their Chosen Field

Today, many seasoned businesswomen offer their skills and expertise to younger women beginning their careers, thus helping them to become respected leaders in their chosen career fields. Those experienced businesswomen are a beacon to the younger ladies of how to conduct themselves in varying and difficult situations, and how to get the work done, whatever it may be.

How can you support the businesswomen in your life? Give them a shoutout on social media or attend a workshop or seminar hosted by a woman. If you’re a businesswoman, you can go to a job fair or reach recognize the hard work they put in.

Here at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we celebrate not only our own businesswoman who helped to co-found our company, but we also celebrate our female team members in the office and in the field. They are the ones helping to be a mentor and set an example of strength to young women coming up in the trades. They prove every day that just because the trades are traditionally considered to be a man’s world, that it can also be a woman’s world too. They are an example of perseverance and hard work, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

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