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Blowing Away Costly Heating Myths: Part 1

Earlier this month we wrote a few blogs about silly and even dangerous plumbing myths. It is important to remember, here at Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we aren’t just plumbers; we are HVAC professionals as well! Here in January, temperatures have plummeted, and homes across Albuquerque are cranking up the heat. We are here to help you stay comfortable and hopefully save a little money by busting these costly heating myths.

Ceiling fans are just for staying cool

We are not terribly surprise that this myth has persisted for so long. We understand. Most people think the ceiling fan is only good for staying cool in the summer. We are here to let you in on a little secrete, your ceiling fan can actually help you stay warm in the winter as well! Most ceiling fans will have a button that will allow them to spin in reverse, or clockwise. This causes them to push warm air back down into the bottom of the room rather than letting it leak out and away. It is a cheap way to help stay warm in the winter and cut down on heating costs.

Turning off the heater saves money

Some households turn off their heater during the day when no one is home in an attempt to lower heating costs. Depending on your home, this could actually be costing you in the long run. Your heating unit expends more energy bringing up the temperature of a room than it does maintaining it. Rather than letting your home drop to 50 degrees in the day time, consider keeping it at 62-65 instead. You can always bring it back up at night when everyone is home. Optimizing your heating schedule may take some trial and error, but remember turning off your heater may not be a shortcut to saving money!

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