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Avoiding Water Damage Associated With Leaking Pipes And Faucets

One of the most insidious and dangerous types of home-related problems is an undetected or hidden leak. This type of home maintenance problem can easily result in thousands of dollars in water damage and cost hundreds of dollars in wasted water. Also, with water damage often comes severe structural damage, damage to furniture, carpeting, and more. But don’t fret! You can mitigate problems associated with water damage from leaking pipes and faucets by taking a proactive approach towards inspecting your home plumbing.

Check Appliances Such As Washing Machines

One of the first proactive things you can do to prevent water damage is to check for leaks in the piping under sinks. Normally, simply checking under the sink is an effective way to find leaks in the early stages. Also, fixing a dripping tap as soon as it is discovered can go a long ways towards preventing water damage. Yet another great way to avoid damage caused by insidious leaks is to check appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers regularly. Inspecting these appliances can reveal potential leaks in the earliest stages of development. Remember, the earlier you find a leak, the better off you’ll be!

Stay Proactive About Potential Leaks to Avoid Water Damage

Another great water damage prevention strategy is to ask a friend or neighbor to check in your home while you’re away. Doing so is a great way to stay proactive in preventing dastardly leaks. This can also save precious time when a leak may be on its way towards severe damage.

Commonly Resulted In Burst Pipes Over The Years

Frozen pipes are another common cause of leaks and water damage. During the colder months, water inside improperly insulated pipes can freeze. Water expands as it freezes. Sometimes, it can expand so violently that it causes your pipes to burst. Unfortunately, detecting a burst pipe before the water thaws can be incredibly difficult. However, once the ice has melted and water begins to flow again, you’ll start noticing the signs of severe water damage.

The best way to prevent frozen pipes is with proper insulation. Luckily, you can always contact us here at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Our expert plumbers are always standing by to make sure your pipes are properly insulated. Remember, the combination of proper pipe insulation and due vigilance on the part of the homeowner will all but completely prevent any issues you may face with frozen pipes. And, if your pipes still do manage to freeze, then you can always give us a call for the best Albuquerque leak repair services around!

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