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Alternative ways to Keep Cool

Summer temperatures in the desert can reach absolutely devastating levels. 100 degrees, 110 degrees, it feels like you are living on the surface of the Sun. Running your air conditioning all summer is going to get expensive. Energy rates are high, and your A/C is going to have to work overtime. Why not try to keep cool and save a few dollars at the same time with some of these neat air condition alternatives.

DIY Air Conditioning

You can build yourself a simple DIY air conditioner using just a bucket of water, some ice, and a standard home fan. Fill your bucker with ice cold water and put your fan behind it. Aim the fan at your hot, sweating face, and let it blow icy-cold refreshing air all over you. You will enjoy some pleasant make-shift air conditioning for as long your ice-cold water lasts.

Window Air Conditioner

An alternative to standard central air conditioning units. They draw less energy, take up little space, are portable, and cost less on an initial purchase. Using a window air conditioner also opens your home up to the sweltering hot world outside. Don’t, worry though, the temperature in this specific room will drop. Window Air Conditioners don’t provide total atmospheric temperature control like central air conditioning units, but they are extremely efficient at cooling single rooms.

Wet Sheet Air Conditioning

A low cost, quick fix for a hot afternoon. Crack open a window and drape a sheet over the opening. Wet down the sheet with cool water, and let the breeze from outside do the rest. The warm air from outside will be cooled off as it passes through the sheet. As an added benefit, the stagnant, stale air in your home will start circulating, and help freshen up the house.

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