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A Brief History of Baths

As plumbers, we tend to know a bit more about bathrooms. For instance, did you know that showers were unavailable in the 1800’s? It was not until 1970 when showers gained widespread popularity and became a necessity. So for the majority of history, people used baths to maintain their hygiene, and below is a brief account of that history.

Looking Back

During the happiest time in history, ancient Rome, every wealthy aristocrat’s home was equipped with a bathing room. This room included a bath, equipped with a trap door with a space leading under the tub where hot coals could be used to heat the bath water. Slaves were of course commissioned with the task of keeping these coals enflamed, and thus, keeping the baths warm. Usually, baths would contain the same water for a week’s time, until being emptied by a special drain installed in the roman home that was used to empty water when the time was right. There was also an irrigation channel to bring water in.

The Modern Era of Bath Tubs

In the 1800’s, a few innovative entrepreneurs created the first overhead shower. Like many great inventions, the engineers were inspired by nature. They watched a waterfall pour down over a beautiful girl, and they realized that this technology could be recreated within the domicile. But, the first showers were too expensive, and it was not until the 20th century that shower use became widespread.

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