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3 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

The Southwest United States is deep in one of the most significant droughts we have ever experienced. Here in Albuquerque we have not suffered nearly as much as residents of California, but the effects of the drought are noticeable. The best way to keep things from getting any worse is to take action now. Conservation can start on an individual level. Each and every one of us can do our part right in our very own homes. Let’s look at 3 easy ways you can start conserving water today.

  1. Find and Fix leaks

You may have been putting off this job for some time, but that ends today! A running toilets can waste 200 gallons a day, while a faucet leaking one drip a second can send 3,000 gallons a year down the drain. Now imagine if you have 3-4 leaky faucets in your home. Save thousands of gallons a year by identifying and fixing leaks.

  1. Turn off the Tap

Keep the tap turned off as often as you can. Minimize how much water you use when you are brushing your teeth and washing the dishes. If you are washing your hands, turn the water off while you lather and scrub. Doing this a few times a day really adds up. Just by being aware of you water habits, you can start doing your part.

  1. Maximize when you can

If you are doing the dishes or cleaning your cloths, never run anything but a full load. Find ways to maximize, to get as many items in these machines as possible. They use massive amounts of water each time they run. If you can cut down on just 2-3 loads a week, you will be saving thousands of gallons a year.

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