Luxury Bath – The Newest Product Exclusive To ABQ Plumbing

ABQ Plumbing is now a Luxury Bath dealer!

Are you one of those people that cleans their bathroom every weekend, who has the spotless tub and shower, no sign of mildew anywhere, and it always smells fresh? I didn’t think so. And honestly, this blogger isn’t one of those people either. I’ve heard people like that exist, but it’s really more of an urban legend, right?

Or are you someone who wants to remodel their bathroom, and doesn’t want to spend a fortune and lose the use of their bathroom for more than a few days? You’re probably looking at that room of solitude and peace and thinking of what your dream room would look like. Bronze fixtures, new sink, new shower or tub, different shower walls.

What if I told you that Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling can solve both of those problems for you? No, really!

We are proud to announce that we are the exclusive dealer of Luxury Bath, a new product manufacturer that will allow our experienced plumbers to remodel a bathroom in as little as ONE DAY! Did you just scoff as you read that last sentence? Understood. But with this new product, it can be a reality.

Luxury Bath Brand Bathtubs And Showers Are Easy To Clean!

If you want a new tub in your bathroom, whether it’s for kids or for a warm soak after a long day, here’s some excellent news. The bathtubs are made of a non-porous, high tech polymer, which will help cut cleaning time in half! Bleach or other harsh chemicals aren’t necessary either. You can use white distilled vinegar to clean your new tub and be done with it! A fun fact for the kiddos…football helmets are made from the same material as the tub. Pretty cool, huh?

Some of you might be saying, “I’m more of a shower-type of person.” We have you covered there too. Anyone who’s lived in New Mexico for more than a week can vouch that hard water is a real thing here. Not only can we install a shower, but we can also install those sleek glass doors too. The best part about the glass doors is there’s a protective coating on them that causes the water to run down and not stick to the glass. Think of Rain-X, but for your home. No hard water stains on your beautiful glass doors!

Microban Technology From Luxury Bath Makes Your Bathroom More Hygienic!

If those items didn’t grab your attention, let’s talk about it from a hygienic perspective. Bathrooms are admittedly not the cleanest area of any home or business. Luxury Bath can help with that! They use what’s called Microban Technology to significantly reduce the number of bacteria that live on the surfaces in your bathroom, such as the toilet.

Contact ABQ Plumbing To Schedule A Free Luxury Bath Product Installation Today!

The professionals at Albuquerque Plumbing Heating & Cooling can provide you with a free estimate* to install the bathroom of your dreams. On top of that, Luxury Bath has a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects, and that just sweetens the pot.

If you want to know more, call our office and speak with our incredibly talented coordinator for more information on this fantastic new product. Your bathroom and sanity will thank you!

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