Home Service Agreement

Get Safety and Peace of Mind With an ABQ Home Service Agreement

Imagine never having to worry about your home’s heating & cooling system operating safely and at peak performance for the duration of their intended life. That’s what our Home Systems Safety & Performance Plan provides you…safety and peace of mind.

Benefits Include:
  • ✓ Priority Service for Members
  • ✓ One Heating Maintenance Check
  • ✓ One Cooling Maintenance Check
  • ✓ 10% Discount on Repairs
  • ✓ Seal of Safety Trained Technicians
  • ✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

By visiting your home twice a year prior to the change in seasons, we’ll be able to carefully inspect your systems and make any necessary repairs to ensure safe operation during the new season. At the same time, we’ll fine tune the equipment for peak performance and optimum efficiency. And finally, upon each visit we’ll initiate preventative measures to enable your systems to operate for the lifespan they’re designed for.

This means that you won’t have anything to worry about; you won’t be wasting energy but will instead be saving money; and you’ll have the confidence in knowing that your heating & cooling systems will last and last. That’s peace of mind!

Restrictions May Apply. The $199 covers only one heating unit and one cooling unit. Please contact us for additional Service Maintenance Packages and additional equipment and pricing.